Born and bred in Hamburg, living and working in Hamburg. Madrid aficionado. Fair-weather cyclist. Working freelance as an Idea Architect.

Thorsten Barré (T210), Hamburg, Germany

Thorsten Barré (T210), Hamburg, Germany
BBQ with Friends
Burger. Hamburger.
Noora, the cat.
In the Museum in Paris. With John.
Hamburg rain.
From Singhofen to Barré.
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My name is Thorsten Barré (aka: T210). I was born and bred in Hamburg, Germany, and I'm also living and working there, again. I work freelance as an Idea Architect. I help organizations orchestrate new business ideas, create concepts and ultimately design meaningful products and services that shape their ideas.

In addition, I'm a lecturer at Design Factory International in Hamburg where I help students to explore Design Thinking and Service Design.

I'm married and we are living in Ottensen, which is part of Altona, one of Hamburg's seven greater districts. Apart from things related to work, I'm interested in some other things like travelling (well... who's not?), architecture, good food. For some mysterious reason, I truly love the city of Madrid, Spain. Check out my fieldnotes in the Journal to discover more stuff that surrounds me.